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Exercise your way to fitness lifestyle

People often talk about developing a “fitness lifestyle” as a way to lose weight. This title is often reserved for individuals that seem to be naturally obsessed with staying fit and exercising whenever they have any spare time, as if they were born with a unique gene that makes them that way. The truth is that anyone can develop and maintain a fitness lifestyle. A lifestyle that y incorporates exercise into it can be the most effortless way of losing weight without even noticing.

Starting an exercise program can create a positive feedback loop, like a snowball collecting mass as it rolls down a mountain. As you begin to exercise you will start noticing results and receive compliments about your accomplishments. Suddenly your pants fit again and you can walk up a flight of stairs without wheezing. These kind of milestones are likely to motivate you to keep exercising, you will not only feel better but have more energy and vitality. You can now take part in activates that you couldn’t before: like pickup sports or maybe an active dance class that you always wanted to take. Before you know it you have developed a fitness lifestyle that is more fulfilling and enjoyable.

This kind of lifestyle change will inevitably bring weight loss with it, without having to work hard for it. Living an active lifestyle is the surest way to lose calories and drop those extra pounds. The best part: it will seem fun to you. Many people overlook the fact that exercise can and should be fun, when you learn to develop a fitness lifestyle you no longer have to dread long workouts at the gym. Meeting your buddies for a lunch squash game is as much exercise as spending half an hour on a boring treadmill. It only takes a little bit of imagination but doing something simple like parking your car in the back of the parking lot and going for a walk, will add up and help you lose weight in the long run.

Nutrition becomes especially important when the goal of your exercise is weight loss; losing inches around your waist will largely depend on monitoring your total daily caloric expenditure and adjusting your nutrient intake accordingly. Nutrition and exercise complement each other as part of a healthy lifestyle. By maintaining a proper diet, you will have the energy and endurance to keep up with your active lifestyle and speed up recovers times. Adequate fluid intake is also invaluable before, during and after your exercise. Keeping your body hydrated throughout the day will help you function at optimal performance.

Developing a healthy lifestyle is not a matter of chance but rather a result of planning and effort. You can start with manageable tasks such as walking an hour a day and slowly progress when you feel you are ready. Be sure to decide on an exercise the night before and eliminate distractions and excuse that will get between you and the workout. So don’t wait, your healthy lifestyle wait!

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