Side Effects

Obesity is the mother of all diseases, obese one faces several problems in daily life also obesity is a major cause of frequent death. Some of the obesity side effects or diseases and after effects of obesity are as follows:


Mother of all diseases diabetes is result of obesity, obesity is the strongest danger aspect for diabetes and this is as well one of the mainly adjustable through diet and exercise.

Bones degeneration

Obesity is a chief danger cause for arthritis in nearly all joints. Obesity gives a ten times enlarged risk in knee joint arthritis. A latest study designated that obesity is a major determinant of arthritis in both genders. Statistics advise that metabolic and mechanical causes arbitrate the results of obesity on joints.

Heart diseases

Obesity brings a price of a linked difficult cardiovascular danger. Chiefly as a result of this, it is allied with a surplus amount of cardiovascular disease injury and death.

Blood Pressure Problem

Obesity has multiple reasons of hypertension and high blood pressure, but surplus fat tissue is a hidden substance that is operates on by the kidneys, producing hypertension. Obese one have higher amount of insulin, which causes elevated blood pressure.

High Cholesterol Level

Obesity is directly proportional to the Cholesterol (triglycerides), the higher you have fat cholesterol increase respectively. Cholesterol is an agent which decreases blood circulation in arteries and vessels.

Gallbladder infections

Obesity is a major danger factor for gall stones. In such cases, the liver over-produces cholesterol, which is then distributed into the bile grounding it to turn into supersaturated. Some evidence recommended that specific dietary factors are the primary culprit in these cases. (University of Maryland Medical Center)

Respiratory problems

Obesity can also cause respiratory problems. Breathing is difficult as the lungs are decreased in size and the chest wall becomes very heavy and difficult to lift. (Medical College of Wisconsin)

Several cancers

In 2002, approximately 41,000 new cases of cancer in the USA were thought to be due to obesity. In other words, about 3.2% of all new cancers are linked to obesity (Polednak AP. Trends in incidence rates for obesity-associated cancers in the U.S. Cancer Detection and Prevention 2003; 27(6):415-421)

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