Starvation is Not the Answer to Healthy Weight Loss

Some people are of the opinion that starvation is the only best and the easiest choice available to lose weight. Obesity is becoming increased day by day and so there are many solutions been invented for that. Out of these solutions, some include use of counter top medicines and drugs, jogging and running, going for a colon cleansing, taking pills to overcome appetite. However, some people prefer to lose weight by starving that is, they just stop eating and think that they can shed pounds this way.

Starvation is not the answer to healthy weight loss but rather it is unhealthy and can make you look sick and malnourished. After you are done with your starvation, you can gain more weight and that too much quickly. The best way is to switch to a low carb diet instead, and lose weight through natural means like jogging and walking and therefore, the body also does not look malnourished and weak. You surely do not want to look ugly and bad after your weight loss, which starvation can make you seem. Detoxifying is also a good method and therefore, it is good if you drink plentiful of water and fresh juices as they put a healthy glow on your face, provide the body with essential nutrition and can also make purify your body internally.

Aerobics are also a good way to lose weight and for those who think they can do well by starvation, they should switch to aerobics. A daily requirement of 30 minutes should be given to some exercises and therefore it can help you remain active and burn down the fats, whereas starvation stops your metabolism form working therefore when you are out of starvation mode and get to eat, you gain double the amount of weight. Reducing the number of calories you intake is also a good option.

In order o keeps your metabolism running; it is important that you eat something after some hours therefore some people are wise enough to split their meals in halves so their metabolism keeps on running and they do not gain weight. Also, instead of starvation, eating vegetables and fruits is a good way to lose weight and restore essential nutrition as they are required for the overall functioning and well-being of the body. Therefore it is important to consider your health no matter what method you chose to lose weight.

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