Weight loss diet plan

Obesity is one of the major problems for the people of today’s world. Advancement in technologies is making us dull and inactive day by day. In the previous generations, most of the people were free from obesity because of their balanced daily life routine but in this world, there are many reasons of fatness like limited sleep, use of calories, unbalanced daily life routine and much more.

People always try to find out the easiest and fastest ways to lose weight but to be honest it takes little bit time and patience. It is not a magic to get an ideal weight according to your needs in few days. It requires some hard work and balanced daily routine.

It is also important to keep an eye on what you are eating in your meals in order to lose weight. In this section we are going to tell you how to lose weight by working on a balanced diet plan to get the required results in an organized way.

Normal Diet Plan

There are hundreds of daily diet plans available but it is not possible for everybody to do it accordingly. So it is better to start with a normal diet plans rather than going with strict ones. First of all try to eat in small portions 5 to 6 times a day. Drink water as much as you can. Simplify your diet, don’t be panic in counting the calories; think different to look different by adding colors, freshness and variety in your diet. Those foods which you like most and you think that they are responsible for your fatness, don’t try to avoid those straightly. Working on a diet plan doesn’t mean to kill yourself and your desires, start by eating them after every alternate day and in small portions. Avoid eating late at night, try to take your meal early and go for a little walk.

Go for vegetables and fruits because a healthy diet requires intake of fruits and vegetables. They are less in calories as well as a treasure of minerals, vitamins and fibers. Go for green vegetables like cabbage, spinach and lettuce. You can also go for the sweat vegetables like carrots, beets, corns, yams, etc because it will be better for you to use these sweat stuffs rather than going for other sweats. Try to add healthy carbs and to avoid unhealthy carbs. Healthy carbs like beans, whole grains; take long time to digest and in this way you will feel heavy for a longer period of time. Many people don’t like whole grains so it is better to start with mixing other grains with whole grains to feel good while eating. Try to avoid saturated fats and Trans fats in order to keep healthy and you can replace them with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats like Omega-3 & Omega-6. It is also better to limit both sugar and salt in your meals. Replace sugary drinks with fruit drinks and avoid pre-packaged foods to control the recommended limit of salt intake.

Strict Diet Plan

Now, here we come, if you want to make your body in shape in couple of weeks then there is an option where you have to sacrifice all your favorite foods. Here we are going to give you a strict diet plan of 2 weeks.

Keep in mind that this diet plan is only for 2 weeks and you will definitely find changes in your body shape and weight.

The 2 weeks diet plan is as under:

Breakfast: First of all drink 2 glasses of water and after a break of 10 minutes, start eating your breakfast. Menu is as follows: Grapefruit, 1 or 2 hard boil eggs, black coffee or tea with 2 teaspoon milk without sugar. Strictly follow the same menu for 2 weeks in breakfast.


Lunch: Hard boiled eggs, coffee and tomato according to your choice.

Dinner: Eggs, vegetables, salad and single toasted bread slice.


Lunch: Eggs, grapefruit, coffee or tea.

Dinner: Tomato, cucumber, lettuce, tea or coffee and a boiled piece of meat.


Lunch: Eggs, tomato and boiled spinach.

Dinner: 2 boiled mutton ribs, lettuce, cucumber, tomato and coffee or tea.


Lunch: Salad, grapefruit and coffee or tea.

Dinner: Eggs, fresh cheese, boiled spinach and single toasted bread slice.


Lunch: Eggs and boiled spinach.

Dinner: Boiled fish, salad, single toasted bread slice, grapefruit and tea or coffee.


Lunch: Mix fruit salad.

Dinner: Boiled piece of meat, salad, tomato and cucumber.


Lunch: Tomato, grapefruit and boiled chicken.

Dinner: Tomato, carrot, salad, vegetable soup, grapefruit, boiled chicken and coffee or tea.

The above diet plan is only for 2 weeks so strictly follow this plan otherwise it can badly affect your health. Strictly follow the same menu for 2 weeks, don not try to add or eliminate anything from this menu. Try to start the diet plan from Monday but if not possible then the menu of Monday will be your first day menu. It will surely help you to reduce weight and you will feel much difference after 2 weeks.

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