Weight loss with medications

You can reduce your weight by using some anti-obesity drugs but it is better to first consult with your doctor. Your doctor can advice you correctly about which medicines you can use and in which quantity. For your information and use, we are discussing here some anti-obesity drugs which may help you in getting back in your previous shape and health.


This drug has an ability to reduce your appetite, you will eat less and with this you will get your desired results. It has some side-effects like insomnia, increased blood pressure, headache and others. Consult your doctor to give you advice about this medication either to use it or not according to your health status.


This drug is responsible to reduce the fat absorption in your body. The lesser the fats absorbed by the body, the more you will be able to reduce weight. When we talk about side-effects, yes this drug can cause oily diarrhea. Orlistat can also cause liver damage but the reported cases are few in numbers. So, it is advised to first see your consultant about the usage of this drug and he can also advise you to use Xenical or Alli if Orlistat is causing problems for you.


This is not a well-known drug but it is helpful in getting rid of obesity. It affects your central nervous system to restrict your appetite.


This drug is a combined form of both topiramate and phentermine. Topiramate is a medication for convulsive attack and phentermine is responsible to restrict your appetite. This drug can help you in reducing weight but with proper exercise and diet plan. If you are pregnant, allergic to topiramate and phentermine or have a problem of thyroid; avoid using Qsymia. Your doctor will advise you either to take it or not according to your health conditions.


Belviq (Lorcaserin) affects your brain to control your appetite. Use this medication with proper diet and exercise to get better results. You are not allowed to use this medication if you are pregnant, suffering with liver or kidney diseases, having diabetes and sickle cell anemia. Tell your consultant about these problems before using Belviq and he will say no to this drug.


Mazindol (Sanorex) is an anti-obesity drug which is responsible to accelerate your blood pressure and check your appetite by provoking your CNS. Use this drug with diet and exercise to get rid of fatness. If you are suffering from anxiety, high blood pressure, diabetes and epilepsy; avoid using Mazindol. Ask your doctor to check your health conditions and then prescribe accordingly.

Here we discussed some anti-obesity drugs, there are many other drugs which you can also use to get rid of obesity but it is required to ask your doctor before using any one of them. Do not go for any anti-obesity drug without taking advice of your doctor. Any drug can harm you in any way so it is also required to take the dosage according to your doctor’s saying.

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